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About the Series

These lectures trace in great detail the origins of taṣḫawwuf from the Prophet ﷺ through his mawla ʿAli (ʿalayhi-s-salām), to his sons Ḥasan and Ḥusayn (ʿalayhumu-s-salām) and other students, passing from hand to hand through the silsilahs of the Sufi ṭuruq to us. They discuss the process of commitment to the Sḫaykḫ and the Path, the cleansing of the heart, the necessity of finding a teacher and the ʾawliyāʾAllah, and the need for action now, not waiting for some future savior although one will insḫaʾAllāh come.

The series answer questions such as: WHO is the teacher; WHAT is taṣawwuf; WHY do we need to seek out a teacher; WHERE is the truth to be found; WHEN can we expect something to change?