ʾAdʿiyah (Duʿaʾ)

Duʿāʾ Barae Kushaysh Rizq-o-Muhimmat | Supplication for the Opening of Provision & the Solution of Difficulties

The compiler of the book in which we found this duʿāʾ wrote about it: “If this prayer (duʿāʾ) is recited after every Namaz (ṣalāh), especially after Jumuʿah, Allāh will make the reciter immune from every dreadful thing, keep him safe against his enemies, make him affluent, and provide him sustenance from a source he cannot even dream of, make his life comfortable, and pay off his debts even though they are heavy as a mountain.” And Allāh knows best.

“Oh my son! I am teaching you a duʿāʾ which you should remember. The Angel Jibʾrīl (ʿalayhi-s-salām) taught it to my grandfather the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ, who passed it on to my mother Fāṭimah (ʿalayha-s-salām). Whenever you have a special need or are faced with any calamity or crisis, or are inflicted with any grief or hardship, then recite the following supplication.” al-Ḥusayn (ʿalayhi-s-salām)

Duʿāʾ Jawsḥān al-Kabīr or the Great Coat of Mail containing the 1001 Names of Allāh

ʾImām ʿAlı ibn al-Ḥusayn, Sayyid as-Sājjidın (alayhi-s-salām), related from his father, from his grandfather the Prophet of Allāh ﷺ, that this supplication was taught by the Angel Jibʾrīl (ʿalayhi-s-salām) to the Prophet ﷺ during one of the battles in which the Prophet ﷺ had on a very heavy coat of armor to protect himself. It was so heavy that it was hurting his body. Jibʾrīl (ʿalayhi-s-salām) came to the Prophet ﷺ and said: “Oh Muḥammad! Your Lord conveys His salutations to you and has said to take this coat of armor and to recite it as this is a protection for you and your ʾUmmah.”

At all times an established number of individuals serve as members in the spiritual administration of human and world affairs. It is due to their intervention and presence that this world is kept spinning on its axis. A saying of the Prophet ﷺ testifies to this: “The world shall not perish as long as even a single person says ‘Allāh, Allāh’”. This is a reference to those chosen ones who, due to their constant and pure remembrance ,have attained to the station of nearness to the Divine Presence. These people of special Grace are not known to the common folk, and are called the Rijālu-l-Gḫayb (the hidden or invisible men or souls) and are hidden because humanity is going through a cycle of ignorance and violence and people have lost the sensory organs needed to recognize them, lest the Rijāl be persecuted or confused with those external powers that organize human communities socially or politically.

Duʿāʾ al-ʿAhd

ʾImām Jaʿfar aṣ-Ṣādiq (ʿalayhi-s-salām) narrates that “one who recites this supplication for 40 mornings; he will be accounted amongst the helpers of ʾImām Mahdi (ʿalayhi-s-salām). And if one happens to die before the reappearance of ʾImām Mahdi (عجل الله فرجه), that Allāh will raise him up from his grave so that one may assist the holy ʾImām in his work. For every word that he recites in this supplication, Allāh will grant him 1000 good deeds and erase from his scroll of deeds 1000 mistakes”.

As the title suggests, this duʿāʾ is an oath of allegiance (ʿahd/عهد) to the ʾImām (عجل الله فرجه). Its recitation every morning ensures the renewal of this covenant (bayʿah). The reciter finds himself under the leadership of the ʾImām (عجل الله فرجه) and beseeches Allāh to include him among the helpers of the ʾImām (عجل الله فرجه) and grant him the opportunity to attain martyrdom in his presence. Also, one requests Allāh that should he die before the reappearance of ʾImām (عجل الله فرجه), Allah should raise him up from his grave so that he may assist him (عجل الله فرجه) in his mission.

Allāh says “Beautiful are the Names of Allāh so call Him by Them.” (al-ʿArāf 7:180)