Sḫaykḫ A. Nooruddeen Durkee

Collection of Selected Works

Welcome to the99books.net, a collection of selected works by Sḫaykḫ A. Nooruddeen Durkee. The collection includes over ninety books and booklets written, edited, translated and transliterated by Sḫaykḫ Nooruddeen, may Allāh sanctify his secret.

The books in the collection are made available electronically for public benefit, fī sabīli’Llāh. You can access them by clicking on the book covers or the links directly below them. We encourage you to use iBooks, Kindle or other e-reader app for the best experience of reading pdf files on your devices. We request you not to print or publish the works without a permission, and if you would like to order a hard copy, you can do so via this link.

The works have been categorized into the following sections to allow convenient browsing.

The Qurʾān section contains details about the Transliterated & Translated Tajwīdi Qurʾān - the Sḫaykḫ’s foundational work to make the Qurʾān accessible for non-Arabic readers. You can also find popular compilations of Qurʾānic ʾāyāts and sūrahs in this section.

The Family page contains books about Prophet Muḥammad and his family ﷺ, peace and blessings be upon them, in their ḍḫāhiri and bāṭini dimensions.

Orisons & Origins includes Sḫaykḫ’s two major works on the practices and origins of the School of the Sḫādḫdḫuliyyah.

The Tasawwuf section contains additional essays and books related to spiritual travel and practices.

Essays in Series includes essays from talks that were given at the ʾIslāmic Study Center. Each series focuses on a particular topic or a theme, all related to spirituality.

ʾIslām section contains ʾadʿiyah (plural for duʿāʾ), supplications of various kind, essays and books by the Sḫaykḫ on ʾIslām, ʾIslāmic education, as well as reprints of important works by students and colleagues.

If you benefited from the works and would like to support continued production and dissemination of these books in various media, you can donate here.

With your duʿāʾs,

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